Sell your home in Mallorca

If buying a home is a challenge, selling it can turn into an even bigger one. In a area as small as Palma de Mallorca, where supply and demand are extremely competitive, it takes a lot of skill when putting your home up for sale and having all those involved ending up satisfied with the final result.

The key is to find the ideal buyer, a person who needs to coincide with the characteristics of the home; so from the moment they set foot in it they get feeling that it’s going to become their home.

As they say, the first impression is what counts, and that is also true for your home in Palma de Mallorca when it comes to selling it. It’s important to know the features that make it the perfect investment for others, to know how to enhance what makes it special, and to be able to express that in a clear way, as it is.

That’s why, when selling a property in Mallorca we employ a full marketing strategy where the real estate appraisal, how it’s presented as well as communication are efficient and assure the most effective sales process.

We provide you with a meticulous analysis of the property, including an appraisal of the residence and market research, possible buyer analysis and possible objections they may have. We also carry out a complete professional photography service for the property, and we draw up a presentation on the property in 3 languages (Spanish, English and German). Finally, we take care of the promotion of the offer through a wide network of channels from our website and international real estate sites, a complete network of estate agencies in Mallorca and from other European countries we collaborate with.

At Pure Palma we know the needs of our clients, buyers and sellers. This enables us, when combined with our knowledge of the real estate market, to offer the best choices to appropriate buyers, adapted to their requirements and needs.

If you need to put your home up for sale in Palma de Mallorca, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. We’ll get started right away and help you with everything you need.