Tips to improve energy efficiency in your house in Mallorca


Do you live in Mallorca? Would you like to move to the island? We’re going to give you some advice on how to ready your house for the Mallorcan climate, and increase your home’s energy savings considerably.

Improve the insulation

Summer in Mallorca is very hot and the winters are quite wet, so proper insulation makes a big difference. This is especially true if you’re thinking about buying a property close to the sea or a top floor flat. We’re talking about measures such as insulating the walls and roofs, or using double paned glass and metal in windows with thermal break. Did you know using rugs increases indoor insulation in winter? Without a doubt, this is one of the best suggestions if you have a home in El Portitxol.

Turn the sun into your ally

If you house gets direct sunlight, take advantage of the situation. In winter leave the roller shutters up and bring them down at night, that way you’ll keep the heat in. In summer, close the roller shutters during the day, use an awning if you have one, and make sure there’s airflow at night. In the past, Mallorcans used vines for this purpose: in summer they provided shade and they shed their leaves in winter letting the sun pass through. Perfect!

Using energy efficient light bulbs

Forget about conventional bulbs, consider ones that are CFL or LED. This second type, although they cost more, consume very little and last much longer. However, how can you save even more energy? It’s essential to have good habits: take full advantage of the gorgeous natural light in Mallorca and don’t leave the lights on if you don’t need them.


Use efficient household appliances

This must be the best example of the saying “you get what you pay for”. Invest in efficient appliances, although they’re more expensive when you purchase them, doing so means huge energy savings over the working life of the appliance. Remember:

use the dishwasher and the washing machine only when they’re full
don’t keep the fridge turned down excessively low (each degree warmer means 7% less energy consumption)
turn off appliances such as the TV or computer if you’re not going to use them, stand-by uses electricity

These are just some of the things you can do, but there are a lot more. Start putting them into practice today and reduce your energy consumption, helping to protect the environment, and all of this without reducing the quality or comfort of your home in Mallorca.