The “ovens” of Palma de Mallorca

forn fondo palma de mallorca

The “forns” (ovens) of Palma de Mallorca are establishments with steeped in history which have been able to stay true to their roots, maintaining their high quality as well as the authenticity of what they produce. They are places where the passage of time doesn’t seem to have affected their charm or traditional way of doing things.

We’ll tell you a little more about some of the city’s forns:

Forn de la Gloria

Located on Calle Forn de la Gloria, a street which, oddly enough, gets its name from this family establishment. A narrow street located in the La Lonja neighbourhood where you can try a variety of Mallorcan specialties such as panades, coques and llonguets.
The forn still has the traditional character it’s always had, in a neighbourhood where innovation has led to some changes. An example of them is Forn de Sant Joan, the former Forn de Palma, which was transformed into a contemporary restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine.

Forn Fondo

At the turn of last century it was renovated and today it still maintains the Art Nouveau style, typical of the period. This forn can be found at the intersection of Calle Unión and Calle Capuchinas. The oven was previously at the back of the establishment which is where its name comes from, with it meaning “oven at the back”.
For those of you with a sweet tooth we recommend trying its cuarto embetumat, a real burst of flavour made with a sponge cake base, meringue and chocolate.

Forn des Teatre

If we continue along Calle Unión de Palma we get to Plaza Weyler and the Gran Hotel, with this forn just in front of it which also has an art nouveau façade. Unfortunately the forn ceased operations this past year, however, thanks to its façade it’s been protected because of its artistic value, meaning we can keep enjoying it.

The lack of the forns being handed over from one generation to the next is the reason that many of them have been closing in recent years, as is the case for Forn des Paners which unfortunately closed last July.

Forn de la soca

It opened in 2011, it isn’t an age-old forn, but the establishment is committed to the culture and identity of the island and its recipes are both age-old and delicious at the same time.

These are some of the legendary forns you can find in the city; along with Palma’s markets these establishments are places that portray the gastronomy and character of Palma society.
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