Santa Catalina, a neighbourhood with a special feel

santa catalina
Santa Catalina is one of the most charming and charismatic neighbourhoods in Palma. A neighbourhood that’s full of history, that preserves its traditions and is home to the oldest market in the city; Want to discover it?

Located outside the old city walls and the Paseo Marítimo, Santa Catalina benefits from a great location, being very close to the centre and at the same time right beside the sea. Its streets are wide, pretty and filled with trees offering shade throughout summer.

Walking around Santa Catalina is a luxury in and of itself, and the people that do so end up going back and doing so again and again. One of the first things that draws your eye is the architecture, due to the natural harmony between the traditional low-slung homes, where fishermen lived in the past, with impressive modernist façades from the wealthiest of shopkeepers of the time. Picturesque Mallorcan blinds and balconies covered with the traditional external curtains will become one of the images that stays etched in your memory.

Among the most notable buildings we can talk about are Hostal Cuba, that boasts the typical minaret built so the merchants could see the ships arriving at port, and is now a busy and trendy bar in the most bustling street in the neighbourhood. You’ll also find modernist façades such as the iron monger’s La Central, with décor drawing its inspiration from nature and the traditional wrought-iron railings.

In this neighbourhood you’ll also find the oldest market in Palma, the Mercado de Santa Catalina. A classic setting where you can buy the freshest and most traditional products in Mallorca, and the perfect place for having an appetiser or aperitif. It’s a true paradise for lovers of great food, who’ll enjoy wandering through the aisles and checking out the displays full of colours and aromas.

Little by little this neighbourhood has turned into one of the main gastronomic areas in a city which receives both visitors and locals wanting to enjoy the great variety of gastronomy. Restaurants with signature cuisine, international cuisine, tapas and pintxos are all found in this vibrant area. Additionally, there are a great number of bars and cafés where you can stop for a while and enjoy a great conversation.

To top off the visit let’s mention the neighbourhood’s shops, including decoration shops, concept stores and clothing shops. They’re so unique that it’s difficult to leave without buying something.

Up to here we’ve talked about visiting the neighbourhood in general. That’s as far as we’ll go for now. In future posts we’ll expand in detail on each of these themes, and together we’ll delve into the environment of Santa Catalina, undoubtedly a neighbourhood you’ll get hooked on.