New blog

Welcome to Pure Palma’s blog!

At Pure Palma we want to work closely with you. We want to foster a close relationship based on trust, transparency and straightforwardness. We want to speak to you about what we’re passionate about, our job, and offer you all the information you need when you want to buy, sell or renovate a property.

That’s the reason we’ve created this blog, as a tool to help communication with you to be as effective as possible, while also being entertaining. We want it to be an open window to our work, to help you understand everything that goes on here, and furthermore, to help you discover the city of Palma in a different and authentic way.

We’ve spent a long time working exclusively in the most classic quarters of the city (the historic centre, Santa Catalina and Portixol) and we know them very well. Over the course of a number of entries in the blog we’ll convey all of this experience, so you’ll learn first-hand about the best kept secrets of each neighbourhood.

We’ll tell you about the history, about the best known establishments, the changes undergone over the course of the year and events organised there. We’ll speak about the beautiful traditional houses in Santa Catalina, about the cheerful atmosphere in the air in Portixol and the best areas to live in right in the centre of Palma. Of course, we’ll also show how life is in these places and what it means to live in them.

However, we’re not only going to focus on Palma, we also want this blog to be a source of information to help you understand the real estate situation on the island, a place where you can find the best ideas on how to prepare your home before selling it, or how to approach a renovation so that it really meets your needs. In short, we’ll do everything possible to make everything clear when you need to make decisions.

This is an open communication channel, where we’d love to receive ideas and suggestions. That’s why we encourage you to participate in the project, and leave comments through our social networks (Facebook and Instagram). We’d like to get to know you, and we’d like you to get to know us.

This is the first of many posts. We invite you to accompany us on this adventure, because without you this project would be meaningless. Welcome!