Discover the hidden life in and around the ports of Palma!

ports of Palma

Although Mallorca has a wide variety of events and activities to offer, lots of people overlook Palma’s port and surrounding area.

So if your house is in the centre of Palma, or nearby, we can show you a number of alternatives when it comes to enjoying the enigmatic ambience of the ports of Palma de Mallorca.

El Puerto de Palma and the seafront

Not only is it one of the most emblematic spots in Palma, both for nightlife and for drinks during the day, it´s also right across from the famous sea port, where you can find all of the most popular places for going out. Nightclubs such as Tito’s and Pachá are the most famous and classiest, often frequented by celebrities during the summer. Alternatively, if you prefer heading out there during the day, we’d recommend the restaurant Ca n’Eduardo, where you can make the most of the incredible views over the marina.


Originally, Portixol was a humble fishing village in Palma which over time, has been transformed into a trendy hotspot; the perfect place for a relaxing stroll along the shore. When the temperature rises, its small beaches are perfect for a dip, and you can then enjoy a refreshing drink at the Nassau Beach Club. If you continue along the promenade you´ll find all kinds of restaurants and bars, offering an extensive choice of cuisines.

Puerto de Cala Nova

This is a small but elegant marina. It might not be Palma de Mallorca´s main cruise terminal, but it does have its own unique charm. Here, you can stop by the Zhero beach club and relax on the comfy sofas while enjoying a drink and the cool sea breeze. If you start to feel a bit peckish and fancy a bit of a change, you can head to Nawaab restaurant where you´ll find a wide variety of delicious Indian food. It´s famous for its fabulous sea views and stunning sunsets.

If there´s one thing that makes all of these activities stand out, it’s their exclusivity and originality. There is a lot more Palma de Mallorca´s seaports can offer you. From here at Pure Palma, we invite you to discover them all. They are truly worth it.