Interior design trends vary according to tastes and current demands. If you’re decorating your new house, or simply feel inclined to update the look of your home, you might find it helpful to know about the popular styles for next year.

At Pure Palma, we’re also dedicated to comprehensively managing home remodelling projects. Turn your home decoration project in Mallorca into a success with these ideas:


White has always been a popular colour, most likely because it conveys a feeling of calm and serenity. It’s also a colour that attracts light, giving a sense of spaciousness and a pure, clean ambiance.

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Another positive aspect of white is that it goes perfectly with any other colour. Grey tones will also still be on trend, together with beige, blue or green. Did you know that according to the Feng Shui green is a relaxing colour?


Bulbs are key when it comes to lighting. We’ll go with a retro look, with transparent coloured or stained glass bulbs, for lighting up our homes.

Paradoxically, the retro look along with LED technology is the perfect combination, giving a feeling of warmth, in addition to evoking the feeling of old incandescent lamps with tungsten filament.


Wood will continue being one of the top choices when it comes to materials for home decoration, in particular rustic and untreated wood. Metallic materials such as copper will feature in furniture and decorations.

Materials such as steel that give an industrial feel will also be en vogue, and next year, when making decorations, trends such as transforming everyday objects or recycled items will be in fashion as well. You can find these items in exclusive shops in Palma, or make them yourself.


We haven’t forgotten about what houses will look like in 2018: curtains, cushions and all of the soft furnishings in your home will give it more of a welcoming touch.

Velvet makes a comeback as an avant-garde trend. This smooth material symbolises power and wealth, and today, following the appearance of synthetic materials, it’s also cheaper and more versatile.

Homes will be full of colour next season: animals and exotic plants alongside random geometric patterns create a home full of contrasts. Remember that a well-decorated house improves the impression it leaves on potential buyers, increasing its sales value.

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Palma is a Mediterranean city offering an exclusive and cosmopolitan shopping experience, the businesses in Palma de Mallorca have a long history and you can find great home decorating items and national and international fashion items.

Another advantage of the city for shopping are the retail opening hours: you can go shopping at almost any time of day, and in Palma de Mallorca most of the businesses are open from 10am until 9pm with many of them also open on Sunday.

In Palma de Mallorca’s old town, there are a variety of retail areas and shops with different styles, where you can choose what best suits you.
If you’re lucky enough to have a house in Palma and in the old town in particular, you have everything for shopping close at hand.

Depending on your preferences you can choose from a variety of shops:

High quality boutiques

The majority are located on Paseo del Borne and the surrounding area, such as the well-known Rialto Living.

However, in the Santa Catalina de Palma neighbourhood you’ll find fabulous places to go shopping, we recommend visiting Mozaic, a creative bohemian zone where you can find both fashion as well as home decorating items.
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Small businesses and traditional shops

The authentic pedestrian lanes surrounding the Plaza Mayor de Palma are the perfect place for discovering these small specialist shops, without a doubt the essential aspect of living in Palma is getting to know these busy little streets and being able to enjoy them.

In one of these narrow streets you’ll discover Bon Vivant, an interior design and treasures of the world specialist shop, where you can find clothing, accessories, artisan items and vintage furniture.
bon vivant palma

On the unique street Calle Peraires you’ll find La Principal, a shop offering a premium selection of mens clothing from international designers. Maison Kitsuné, Veja, Homecore, Mews and Steve Mono.
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Shopping Centres

If you are the type of person who prefers heading to a shopping centre, you’ll have to leave the centre of Palma. You can go to the Porto Pi shopping centre that’s been open for more than 20 years and to Fan Mallorca that just opened about a year ago.

We hope you enjoy the experience of going shopping in the capital of Mallorca and that you find everything you like about Palma, the ideal city for shopping.

forn fondo palma de mallorca

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The markets are the first shops to open in Palma de Mallorca. However, not only do they stand out for being the first businesses up and running, but also for the variety and quality of what they sell, as well as adding a more personal feel to the shopping experience. Continue reading ..

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